Your body has a desire system inside that gives you safety, beauty, and belonging. Accessing this desire system is what we teach- through herbs, oils, breath, and your pelvis — it’s all available to guide you in this absolutely self-healing act.

Each class contains simple + radical tools for everyday sexual wellness, around a core video theme. With every class, enjoy a corporeal centering in your sensual being with PDFs, guided meditations, and ritual home plays.

This system is an embodiment of your feelings, sensations, and desires- a planetary + earthly symbiosis that simply liberates. This sensuality is our freedom- explore with me.

Sexual Elemental

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Radient Breast

A deep touch into breast massage designed for radiant self-connection, femme cosmology + hormonal health.


A crystal wand pelvic healing class for sexual awakening and pleasure.

Sex Magic

A Sex magic class designed to cultivate our deepest desires with ritual, sound + breath.

Pleasure Valley

A Jade Egg Initiation class designed to demystify, heal the pelvis and excite your tissues.


A class exploring our cervical universe with sexual ecology earth rituals, body spells + sensual herbal recipes.

Root Halo

A sexual self-healing journey for elemental + sensory self-connection.

Sexual Wellness

A foundational class to learn sexual self-care + wellness rituals.

Sex + Breath

An introductory erotic breathwork class designed for all folks.

Sexual Elemental Course Catalog

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