Frequently Asked

  • What is sexual ecology?

    • Sexual Ecology is a state of vibrant sexual health. We believe that everyone is perfect at their core, and yet so many systems, especially around sexuality, are built on the foundation that something is wrong with you and that you need to be fixed. We believe that vibrant sexual ecology, through the use of sexual self-care and ritual, can lead you to experience the innate wholeness and perfection of YOU.
      Our products and services are oriented towards recovering the wholeness within you– by working with your own sexual energy and the energy of the plants, gemstones, and ultimately the earth herself. With these energies you are invited to awaken the sensation of your unique desires and needs felt through the sexual body, and follow them to your heart. We believe that for all folks to connect to their sexual wholeness and embodiment creates a fuller, richer life experience and the ability to heal each other and change the world.

  • What does each class contain?

    • In our A la Carte Classes, each class contains one 30-60 minute video, one PDF summary of the class with herbal suggestions, one recorded holistic sexual wellness or erotic healing meditation, and a PDF transcript of the video.
      In our Seasonal Classes, each week contains a video theme, core tools, and home rituals for a total of 3-5 videos. Along with this core, each week contains a PDF guide, Plant Monographs and herbal preparations for that week, and recorded homeplays for guided erotic ritual or meditations, and a PDF transcript of the videos.

      Both classes contain access to our private Mighty Networks group for communication with a community of other wellness seekers in the classes.

  • How do I use these classes?

    • Each class is designed for a holistic and multidimensional experience. Every class is centered around a 30-60 minute core theme video, where Lydia Rose explains + guides you through a foundational experience. These videos have descriptions, history, and really the “why” behind an erotic healing arts practice. Its an experience of being in a live class, but in the comfort and privacy of your home.

      You receive a beautiful PDF exploratory, designed to guide you through and give you more knowledge of your incredible class theme. Sensual Plant recipes, a deep explanations and summaries are found in this place.

      You will receive, depending on the video, 1-2 recorded erotic homeplays for ritual use. These are deep guides into the experience of the class, where you are invited to push play on the audio, and go through a home sexual self-care practice with a guide.

      You also receive one audio meditation per class, as a gift of grounding, lineage work, or deep touch into the theme of the class. No movement is needed with these meditations, just to let the audio wash over you.

      After watching the video, you are invited to read the PDF exploratory, and when ready, find a space to go through a guided homeplay ritual. The audio meditation is there for you to be centered and grounded while you explore each class theme.

  • Do the classes have nudity?

    • Most classes do not have nudity, some may have partial or full nudity in order to show ritual wellness practices. However, all classes have a base of sexual wellness content. All videos are only available to wellness seekers age 18 and above.

  • What is sexual self-care? What are sexual self care rituals?

    • Sexual Self-Care is a movement to include your sexuality in your self-care. A sexual self-care practice is something you do every day or almost every day that keeps you sexually vibrant and alive. It helps you remember your power, your magnetic beauty, and your humanity. We believe sexual self-care is a revolutionary movement! Much like yoga was 20 years ago, the world is beginning to awaken to healing sexuality on a personal and global level. We need self-care in order to go deep into these processes and start loving our essential selves, and to break free of conditioning and trauma imprinted on our sexuality. We truly believe that taking care of your sexuality, just like taking care of your body, creating meaningful relationships, or eating the foods you love, is the key to healing the world!
      Sexual Self-Care Rituals are a way to encourage the connection to your sexual self without pressure for orgasm or partnering. Because we believe that sexuality HEALS and desire FREES, these rituals move energy to bring lightness and movement in your immunity, a depth to your power, and a liberation to your deepest needs and desires.

  • Who is Lydia Rose?

    • Lydia Rose, creator of wild + vibrant, is a maker, intuitive herbalist, and sexual health creator… Inspired by western and ayurvedic aromatherapy and herbalism, she delights in using herbal care for sexual empowerment and health as well as ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of erotic healing arts, she began making her small batch, biodynamic remedies for sexual self-care and herbal ritual after her first home birth, to keep connecting with her pussy and feeling the depth of her magic…

      Lydia Rose also experienced total vaginal numbness, trauma, and infertility in her womb and vagina, and has gone deep into the shadows of sexuality and its disconnection with mentors, the earth, and ultimately herself… She came out the other side renewed with a sense of connection between pussy and heart that enlivened her being. She believes each one of us has a brilliant innate sexual wholeness that can be nurtured and revealed through sexual self-care and ritual.
      Her self care line eventually expanded to include lovingly crafted remedies and medicinal oils made by the sun and moon with herbs, essential oils, spices, and gemstones. Everything is created and handmade in Lydia Rose’s biodynamic apothecary and studio in Minneapolis. She offers transformative herbal healing and sexual health sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed earth and sexuality.

  • What are Lydia Rose's credentials?

    • In the physical realm, Lydia Rose has trained with many mentors and had life experiences that have shown her deep compassion, humility, and sculpted her power and passion. Some of her teachers include:

      *600 hr whole health ayurvedic practitioner training, western herbalism, and ayurvedic massage, Dhyana Center of Sebastopol, California with DeAnna Batdorff (honorary member)

      *600 hr Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching at The Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin (in process 2017-2019)

      *9 month Herbal Apprenticeship with intuitive and community herbalist Jessie Belden, Herban Vagabond

      *600 hr cooking and culinary traditions apprenticeship, Three Stone Hearth Community Supported Kitchen and Living School with Jessica Prentice

      *Jade Egg intensive training at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin

      *Intuitive Plant Medicine and herbalism with Asia Suler

      *Private mentorship sexuality + sexological bodywork, breathwork, sound healing, and tantric massage coaching on Big Island, Hawaii and in San Francisco, California

      From a rich life perspective, Lydia Rose has come through to the other side of many seasons of scorpio death and rebirth, living many lifetimes of healing crises and understanding the key to our wholeness is radical self-love, community, and acceptance. Lydia Rose chooses now to focus on Sexual Ecology and radical radiance because she has discovered that is the root to what she has found in herself and in others as a barrier to wholeness.

  • Is there an age limit for this?

    • Due to the nudity and content contained in some of the courses, you must be 18 years of age to purchase.

  • Do I have to live in the US to be a part of the class?

    • These classes are available worldwide for your sexual education.

  • What is the difference between the a la carte classes and the seasonal classes?

    • The a la carte classes are simple, singular classes arranged around a theme. You purchase them and you have immediate access to them forever.
      The seasonal classes Mystic Pelvic and mother//fucking, are guided courses that “drip” content weekly over a season of focused healing- 8 weeks- with a group. These seasonal courses are only offered once a year. Lydia Rose is available for live classes and calls during these seasonal classes and guides the group as a collective.

  • What is your return policy?

    • We have confidence in our courses. We have a 14 day return policy for our a la carte classes, and a 30 day return policy for our yearly seasonal courses. Beyond those dates, please reach out to with any questions.

  • Do I have to be having sex or feeling sexual to take these classes?

    • Absolutely not! This sexual wellness movement is a call to become more integrated and WHOLE in your sexual self. What that means is that you feel safe to release conditioning, connect your truest self with your erotic self, and experience a depth of embodiement. Its radical and healthy and it does not mean looking or feeling “sexual” in the way our society or communities have modeled for us.

      We believe that being connected with your sexuality means you feel the essence, the goodness of who you are. In fact, Lydia Rose defines sexualiy and eros as being a connection to your embodied truth. That means that YOU get to feel into what you desire at any moment. If that includes sex, great. If it doesn’t, great! The sexual healing, awakening, and wellness journey includes embodied presence with yourself through connection to your sexual centers.

  • I’m a survivor of trauma, will these classes be trauma-aware?

    • YES! Lydia Rose is trauma aware and all her classes are designed to keep your sexual healing process safe and connected.

      A survivor of many layers of sexual trauma, Lydia Rose has a depth of attention placed on making sure you feel comfortable and are in consent with yourself.

      All classes are taken with the consent that you are in charge of this healing journey, and that you know your body best. Your body attunement is the guide, and you can stop at any time.

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