A crystal, wood, or metal wand is a sexual healing tool, and a gateway to release trauma, wounding, and pain in the sexual realm. We can ride them, hold them, and program them to take what we need, absorb our desires, and weave our realities. This potent portal is our modern day broomstick. Combined with herbs, we can truly ride our prayers to sensual embodiment.

Join Lydia Rose, of wild + vibrant sexual ecology, for a class of erotic healing and sexual witchcraft based on the modern crystal wand. Release, heal, expand, explore, and feel. Learn tools + techniques for homeplay and magnetic rituals. Leave feeling less anxiety, more alive, and more resonant in your body.

Name Range Discount
Bundle 2 2 - 2 $5.50
Bundle 4 4 - 4 $8.00
Purchase All 8 - 8 $15.38
Who Is It For?

A crystal wand pelvic healing class designed for people with pussies who desire sexual awakening and pleasure.

How To Use:

Contains one Broomstick Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Broomstick Crystal Wand Invocation + Connection audio home ritual practice for everyday use.


  • expansive

  • lush

  • magnetic

Key Takeaways

The crystal wand is our modern day broomstick; with intention we can ride it to our dreams.

Learn three rituals with the wand to move tension, pain, and numbness and connect to the healing of the mineral + gem realms.

Use this tool for sexual magic, self-connection, and more desire and freedom in your whole body.