Pleasure Valley


Curious about using a jade egg for sexual healing, moving sexual energy, sensitizing your pussy, building pleasure internally, or postpartum healing? Come to this class and experience a basic jade egg initiation practice. We will discuss different exercises and rituals for home play, essentials for warm-ups and safety, and engage in a ritual to awaken sensitivity and seal in sexual power.

You are welcome in this class with or without an egg, as the exercises bring sensitivity and depth to your personal connection with your pussy and your sensuality.

Name Range Discount
Bundle 2 2 - 2 $5.50
Bundle 4 4 - 4 $8.00
Purchase All 8 - 8 $15.38
Who Is It For?

An Introductory Jade Egg class for people with vaginas, designed to demystify, heal the pelvis and excite your tissues.

How To Use:

Contains one Pleasure Valley Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Jade Egg Initiation + Erotic Breathwork audio home ritual practice for everyday use.


  • enlivening

  • grounding

  • luminous

Key Takeaways

Jade Egg truths for postpartum healing, total sensual transformations, and pelvic floor wellness. Learn a Jade Egg initiatory series as a base for a Jade Egg practice. The egg brings an expansion and a high priestess to our deep womb space; this tool has been used for millennia to gain strength and magnetic pleasure.