Root Halo


For years, I longed to outsource my trauma. To have someone else fix it, or extract it out of me. My offering to you in this class is a ritual that puts you in power, in an embodied way, of releasing what doesn’t serve you in your body and your eros. There is no need to outsource, this magic comes from the inside, and it’s the truth of your being.

In this safe and nourishing class, learn a self-healing ritual to do in the comfort of your own home, to unwind and release sexual trauma. Erotic breathwork, pelvic self-massage, pussy acupressure, and wand invocation are all explored; creating a new network of empowerment in your sensual space is our collective ritual. Your body is always safe and consensual in this practice.

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Bundle 2 2 - 2 $5.50
Bundle 4 4 - 4 $8.00
Purchase All 8 - 8 $15.38
Who Is It For?

A sexual self-healing journey for trauma + disconnection designed for self-identified women and femmes.

How To Use:

Contains one Root Halo Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Root Halo sexual self-healing audio home ritual practice for everyday use.


  • heart

  • nurturing

  • trauma

Key Takeaways

Elemental + sensory self-connection with self-massage, pelvic acupressure, erotic breathwork, and crystal wands.

Trauma Healing that comes from the inside: a safe and grounded class that keeps your body in consent and feeling embodied.

Knowledge of your own power, your own body, and how to move energy in a signature technique.