The cervix is a wonder, a delight, and a boundary keeper. It is a place of immense pleasure, and yet often our only experience of the cervix is pain- while bleeding, birthing, or otherwise.

Join Lydia Rose for this class dedicated to this piece of you that is your deepest root, the key. We have a cervical OS, and it is the operating system of our reality. We can rewire this space in our body for pleasure and sensation, and release stored trauma and pain. Cervical orgasms, immense release, and empowered birth is possible from this holy mysterious space.

Learn breathwork, cervical activations + sounds, ancestral + earth rituals, and erotic healing arts for connection to our roots.

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Who Is It For?

A class exploring our cervical universe designed for all self-identified women + femmes.

How To Use:

Contains one Rooted Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Earthly + Cosmic Cervical Pleasure audio home ritual practice for everyday use.


  • cervical

  • cyclical

  • lineage

Key Takeaways

Our Cervical rhythms can bring us massive pleasure, self-commitment, and power. Sexual ecology for the cervix with earth rituals, body spells, sensual herbal recipes. Cervical exercises for awakening, moving pain, and sounding plus daily connection alchemizes disconnection + pain into sexual ferocity and embodiment.