Sex Magic


What is sex magic? Sex Magic is what I call erotic healing arts- usually with a special twist of focused desire. Sex Magic is basically using the life force energy, the energy of your beautiful creative sexual force, to clean and clear up your life, and bring in what you desire.

In this sumptuous class, learn offerings, reflections, and desire-based sex magic practices with breath and earth connections to align your body with your wants, needs, and precious longings. Become sexually well by detoxing your life with Sex Magic, and enhancing your somatic power.

Name Range Discount
Bundle 2 2 - 2 $5.50
Bundle 4 4 - 4 $8.00
Purchase All 8 - 8 $15.38
Who Is It For?

All folks who desire sexual magic and play.

How To Use:

Contains one Sex Magic Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Sex Magic Erotic Ritual audio home practice for everyday use.


  • earthy

  • expansive

  • lunar

Key Takeaways

Our sensual energy is sexual magic; connecting to it daily can change our life.   Sex magic is a cultivation of our deepest desires, moved through our bodies with ritual, sound + breath.   Learn three radical tools- offerings, reflections, and movement as a basis to start a sex magic practice.