Sexual Wellness


In Sexual Wellness 101, discover your truth, your embodied being, and your eros. Curious about starting a sexual self-care practice? THIS is your starting place.
Join me for 6 simple + radical tools for everyday sexaual wellness: nourishing herbal pelvic steaming, erotic breathwork, body oiling, earth connection, and simple crystal wand explorations This, combined with your magic, bring a lush focus and living tools to your erotic foundations.

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Who Is It For?

A foundational class to learn sexual self-care + wellness rituals, designed for self-identified women + femmes.

How To Use:

Contains one Sexual Wellness Video, One PDF Exploratory Guide, One Sexual Self-Care 101 audio home ritual practice for everyday use.


  • enlivening

  • foundational

  • pelvic

Key Takeaways

Sexual self-care is a movement to include eros in your wellness, and its the next place our culture is expanding into; this class is the start of your journey. Learn six foundational tools to start bringing sexual wellness into your everyday life. Simple + radical tools like herbal pelvic steaming, basic crystal wand rituals, body oiling, pelvic massage, sexual herbal care, and foundational erotic breathworks.