My signature program, mystic pelvic is dedicated to healing and exploring the pelvis. Come to know and heal in a grounded, integrated way- erotic healing arts tools and techniques for emotional, physical, and spiritual sexual healing.


This integrated Eros will bring you pleasure, sensation, and deep truth.

I welcome you to my most magnetic gift- my signature program, + mystic pelvic +, dedicated to healing and exploring the pelvis.

I’ve experienced a lifetime of situations in my pelvis. From childhood sexual abuse and trauma, to infertility, to a life-shattering sexual assault. I’ve journeyed through a completely orgasmic birth, to a total pelvic separation and learning to walk again with my second birth.

After years of feeling sexually numb, alternating with years of ravenous sexual hunger + sex work, I’ve gone to the underworld and back in my sexual health and womb journey. From all of this life experience, combined with years of wellness and sexuality training, I’ve alchemized and designed a simple and radically effective way to heal, feel + radiate absolute pelvic wellness.

It’s called Mystic Pelvic, and I guarantee it will change your whole life.

Come to know and heal in a grounded, integrated way- erotic healing arts tools and techniques for emotional, physical, and spiritual sexual healing. This integrated Eros will bring you pleasure, sensation, and deep truth.

What does authentic sexuality mean? How can we truly live in this powerful place- much lower and earthy than we are taught to inhabit.

Learn erotic breathwork, herbal pelvic steaming, ancestral lineage rituals, ayurvedic body oiling, crystal wand healing, earth connection, mirror work, bio-energetics, cervical engagement, and my sexual electrical squirting series. Most of all, this technique is a layered, holistic, and multidimensional offering to support all body systems in enlivened erotic health.

Each class builds upon the next, creating an ultimate body wellness ritual designed to heal trauma, connect with your womb, move through sexual contracts, and become free.

This class can help not only with pleasure + desire, but also with vulvodynia, painful menstruation, pelvic numbness or disconnection, recurrent infections in the womb/pelvic space, birth injury or trauma, and postpartum health.

I believe our sexuality, our eros, is a DEEP place of wellness. Connecting here is the foundation for our glands, our spirits, and our hearts.

Open yearly to a community of seekers.

8 weeks of classes, around a core theme each week, with 3-5 videos detailing deep techniques for pelvic radiance

My signature erotic sounding, movement, and layered sexual wellness for an at-home transformation

A private community designed to help you shine and glow during your journey to pelvic pleasure, wealth + health

Weekly home rituals to co-create sexual health and healing PDFS of your learning

Guided meditations and weekly lineage work

Plant monographs and intuitive herbalism for earth connection

Live classes with sexual health creator, Lydia Rose

Grace Edgecumbe

“Working with Lydia has been so profound and so gorgeous- I am in love with the process she has welcomed me into. My relationship to my sexuality and my creativity has blossomed so radically through this work. The beauty of this healing is so real. Lydia listens, speaks, teaches, creates, shares, and sings with such power and generosity.”

Julia S — Female Health Coach, Designer, and Yoga Maven

“Lydia Rose blows your mind with her radical, loving approach to healing and self knowledge.”

Ariel T — Artist + Independent Filmmaker

“During my consult with Lydia Rose, I felt completely held and supported. Her words and silences helped foster the loving baseline for me to continue this sacred healing on my own. I can't wait to try more of the Wild + Vibrant line and continue this healing work with her!”

Leah Kinney

"It's difficult for me to put into words the impact that Lydia Rose has had on my life. She teaches me how to love my precious, beautiful, body - how to give her what she needs. Her magic is real. She is powerful and fierce, and she inspires me - and reflects in me - the same."

Allison Johnson — Moon Babes Collective

“Through each lesson in Mystic Pelvic, Lydia taught and guided me towards a deep connection with my true and basic essence. I feel like I now have have a direct connection with my core fire energy that I can access whenever I need/want. This program taught me the most beautiful sexual self-care routine that I can take with me for the rest of my life.”

Ready To Join?

If this calls to you, I welcome you to sign up for more information. Once the class is in open for seasonal sign up, we will be sure to contact you with all information needed for your journey.


Our scholarship program welcomes all women and non-binary folks to apply, though priority is given to those from historically marginalized backgrounds. We strongly encourage women and non-binary Black, Indigenous, People of Color, those from the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, and those who are differently abled to apply.

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